Portrait of Maison Talamon

In 1991, Pierre Talamon created his first line of men's shirts and opened his shop in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés where he found a clientele of artists he knew well, following his numerous collaborations with costume designers from the world of entertainment and cinema. He gradually developed a complete line for men: graphic and colorful lines inspired by painting and his many travels around the world.

Attention to detail, color work, luxury and diversity of materials, fitted and comfortable cut, as "made for oneself", Pierre Talamon develops and designs a unique silhouette. He signs a license in Japan, Thailand and begins a distribution in China. At the same time, his brand was then present at the Bon Marché, Printemps de l'homme, and in multi-brand boutiques (London, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, etc.).

In 2002, wishing to strengthen the brand's presence in Paris, he opened a second boutique, located on the right bank near the Beaubourg museum, as well as a couture show at the end of 2014 dedicated to made-to-measure clothing.

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See the video

The brand universe

Punctuated by graphic lines with “pop” accents, the Talamon stone house dares to use color.

The silhouettes are adjusted and the clothes marked by research and attention to detail.

His collections are inspired by his travels around the world, mainly in Asia, his favorite painters, art deco and films and musicals of the 60s.

Its collections are a refreshing encounter between a happy everyday life and the chic and relaxed elegance of the city dweller.

The fabrics come from countries like Italy, England or France, the manufacturing is European.